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Projeto is a creative studio specialising in web design, print graphics, and identity & brand development for all types of businesses...perhaps yours?


A better banner

Toy Day | Traditional & Classic Toys

Adam, the owner of Toy Day has come to us to redesign his existing eCommerce site. It has been a fantastic project to work on so far, as we have really been able to let our creative juices overflow, designing a lovely ornate logo to match their current branding.

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Facebook Pages

Do You Stand Out On Facebook?

Ok so you have created your page and opened up your doors to what seems like the millions upon trillions of Facebook users, so what now? Regular status updates; check. Facebook link on your website; check. Images in your photo gallery; check. Buy hey isn’t that what everyone else is doing? Are you actually standing out from the crowd? Consider the time and effort you have put into creating your business and building your brand already. From the business cards to the website, they will all have a similar look which helps to make your business instantly recognisable. However your Facebook page just looks like everybody elses…that’s were we come in!

Projeto has been put on this planet to make superawesome custom Facebook pages! Instead of the Facebook user just seeing your wall holding a bunch of text, they will instead be in awe of your interactive & personal eye-popping candy.

All for just £50

Call us on 01274 79 2725 to get your Custom Facebook Page now!

About Projeto

We have a confession to make, we have masqueraded as different people over the past 14 years. But don’t go running to the police just yet…give us two minutes to explain.

Paula, the owner of Projeto started off her working life as a checkout girl at Kwiksave. Glamourous, very much so, but it paid for her to get through college and onto University. However uni life, as exciting as it is, did not suit Paula as she just wanted to get on a do things instead of sitting around for hours on end listening to someone tell you how hard it is in the outside world. So just a year into her studies she left to venture into a career of retail management. This continued for over 5 years, but her design flair always kicked in and she found herself working alot more on the design projects within the companies that she worked for, so she thought, why the hell not start my own design company.

Projeto started nearly 5 years ago concentrating on website design. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves within the eCommerce community but over the past year we have had fantastic opportunities to spread our wings into graphic design, including catalogue, brochures, exhibitions and shop signage.

We think that our experience in other fields other than graphic and web design helps us understand the ultimate objective of our work. We can design the most beautiful website or the most ornate shop front, but if the customer cannot read or use the product then all that effort is completely pointless. Don’t get us wrong, we always create something to be proud of, we just never forget that it has to make money for the client too!


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We love nothing better than a good natter, so if you want to talk to us about an up coming project or just want to tell us about the fab weekend you just had, just give us a call on 01274 79 2725 or fill in the form below.

Online Carpets Website Launch

The much anticipated website of the carpeting firm Online Carpets has gone live. Go check out their range of flooring at fantastic pricing.


All Dandelion Cafes now open

For the past 4 months we have been working with HF Holidays to develop a new chain of cafes that are opening within their hotels around the country. 4 have now opened, with another 4 by the end of the year.

Have a look here to see what we have designed

We Now Offer Order Fulfillment

After a suggestion from one of our clients, we now offer the service of picking, packing and posting your orders, so that you have the time to concentrate on business growth.

For more information click here.